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The Top 10 Content Stories Your Business Photos Should be Telling

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Do you stare at your phone wondering what content you need to create for your business? It can be daunting to think about the ways your business needs to stand out to create customer engagement and revenue. You’re not alone.

I have struggled with this and have found that high-quality photos or videos are a great way to showcase the unique identity of your brand.

Photos tell a story and by sharing your ups, downs and a bit about your team you can create a deep personal connection with your audience that translates into business opportunities. Here are 10 prompts that have inspired us at WolfeWiseCreative to tell our business story and can hopefully help you create impactful and authentic engagement.

1. Origin Story

Share the story of how your business started, who was involved, and what inspired you to create it. You could take photos of your brand’s founder or the key members that have shaped it. This story will give your audience a sense of the history and purpose behind your brand and help them understand why it's unique. It’s always nice to put a human face on a brand.

2. Behind the Scenes

Show your audience what goes on behind the scenes of your business. This could be a photo of your team at work, your production process, or the inner workings of your company. By giving a behind-the-scenes look, you'll show that your business is transparent, approachable, and ultimately human. Also who doesn’t want to feel like they are getting a sneaky peak at how the pudding is made?

3. Winning Story

Share a story about a recent success, win, or accomplishment. This could be a photo of your team celebrating a milestone, a testimonial from a happy customer or an award your business has won. Celebrating your victories will help your audience see that your business is successful and thriving. Be proud of your business and your employees’ achievements!

4. Failure Story or Moments of Vulnerability

Don't be afraid to share a story about a failure or moment of vulnerability. This could be a photo of your team working through a difficult situation or about the hard times your business has faced over the years. Sharing these stories will make your business more relatable and show that you, like your audience, are not immune to the hardships of life. Remember everyone loves an underdog story.

5. Higher Purpose Story

Share a story that highlights the heart of your business. This could be a photo of a team member volunteering or a testimonial from a customer who was impacted positively by your business. Showing your audience the good you're doing in the world will help them see your brand as more than just a business, but a force for positive change.

6. Appeal to the 'Now'

Share a story that appeals to your audience's current needs and interests. This could be a photo of your latest product or service, a testimonial from a satisfied customer, or a photo of your team participating in a current event. By keeping your company current and relevant, you'll engage your audience and keep their attention. This could be a good time to try one of those TikTok trends, if you're feeling brave ;)

7. Community Story

Share a story that highlights the community your business is a part of. This could be a photo of your team participating in a local event, a photo of you in front of a local landmark, or a story about how your business is giving back to the community. By showing your commitment to your community, you'll demonstrate your values and build strong relationships with your audience. By placing your business in its context you can build natural partnerships and connections with locals.

8. Appeal to your Audience's 'Pathos'

"Pathos" is the Greek word for 'experience' or 'suffering'. It is often used to refer to rhetoric that appeals to the emotions, shared experiences and ideals of your audience. Appeal to your audience's pathos by sharing a story that elicits an emotional response. This could be a photo of a happy customer, a testimonial from someone who was impacted positively by your brand, or a story that makes your audience feel good.

By tapping into your audience's emotions, you'll make a deeper connection and inspire them to take action. Quick tip: everyone loves a photo of a company’s resident spirit animal, this could have your audience in 'aww' of your brand.

9. How-to Story

Share a story that teaches your audience something new. This could be a photo of a team member demonstrating how to use one of your products or a testimonial from a customer who learned something new and valuable from you. By providing free advice and insights, you'll demonstrate your expertise and add value to your audience. Remember you are an expert in your field and others could learn a thing or two from you. What is something you think everyone would benefit from knowing?

10. Testimonials and Case Studies

Share stories from your customers about their experiences with your brand. This could be a photo of a satisfied customer, a testimonial, or a case study that showcases the impact your business has had on others. Testimonials and case studies are a powerful way to demonstrate the value of your brand and build trust with your audience

Whether it’s showcasing your journey, highlighting your commitment to the community, or appealing to your audience’s pathos, your business images should tell a story. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to creating your brand’s story. Your audience will appreciate the effort and your brand will stand out as a result.


These were 10 stories your business SHOULD be telling to create engagement on your socials. Did any of these ideas catch your fancy and you would like a professional to lead you from idea to creation? Contact us at

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